Red = Do not own

Blue = Own Loose

Orange = Have cart and Box


3D Crazy Coaster (1983)(requires 3D Imager)
3D MineStorm (requires 3D Imager) (1983)
3D Narrow Escape (requires 3D Imager) (1983)
AnimAction (requires light pen) (1983)
Armor Attack
Art Master (requires light pen)
Clean Sweep
Cosmic Chasm
Fortress of Narzod (1982)
Heads Up (a.k.a. Soccer Football). GCE, 1983.
Hyperchase Auto Race (1982) in box
Melody Master (requires light pen) (1983)
MineStorm (1982)
Mine Storm II (1982)
Mr. Boston
Polar Rescue (1983)
Pole Position
Rip-Off (1982)
Scramble (1982)
Solar Quest (1982)
Space Wars (1982)
Spike (1983)
Spinball (a.k.a. Flipper Pinball) (1983)
Star Castle (1983)
Star Trek: The Motion Picture (a.k.a. Star Ship) (1982) x2
Starhawk (1982)
Web Wars (a.k.a. Web Warp) (1983)