Mike Matei Leaves AVGN and Cinemassacre ?

Yes, I decided to stop appearing in Cinemassacre videos and focus on live streaming. 

I have been getting quite a few comments about it so I thought I’d say a little more for anyone that wasn’t satisfied. 

I didn’t want to make a big deal about leaving. That’s why we didn’t do some big send off thing. (I appreciate the thought though)

If you’d like to follow me going forward you can find my Twitch channel here:  https://www.twitch.tv/mikemateilive

I know there are a lot of people that don’t watch live streams. For you guys, I upload my streams later to YouTube so you can always watch the videos and comment there if your more of a YouTube video person. 

Link to Mike Matei on YouTube

As far as Twitch, you don’t have to subscribe to watch. But it might be a good idea to at least follow me because I stream at inconsistent times. And if you do follow click the bell (or whatever it is) So that you will get an alert when I go live. 

James and I went on hiatus from filming in August. It had become hard to film in the same room for obvious reasons and I was fairly burnt out on that format anyway. I think we did around 400 of them or something and thats a lot. So it was a good time to take a break. 

I was hoping some time off would rejuvenate my interest but ultimately after several months to consider it I decided I really just wanted to pull the trigger on being able to stream only. It just makes more sense for me right now. 

James and I are still great friends, I’m just taking a different path. I love live streaming and that’s what I want to do. 

Update: it’s August 2021. James and I shot a short lets play together. We’ll probably do this together once in a while when and if our schedules line up, just for fun.

Update: it’s August 2021. James and I shot a short lets play together. You can see that here

Anyway, hopefully I’ll see many of you come hang out on stream and talk retro games and stuff from time to time. Thank you so much for your support over the years.


15 thoughts on “Mike Matei Leaves AVGN and Cinemassacre ?”

  1. That’s sad. I always wanted you guys to finish Rondo of Blood or do a Resident Evil together. But I get it, it was many years.

  2. Totally understand, leaving AVGN in order to focus on completing Ninja Gaiden Black for Xbox is wise

  3. I am glad that Mike left on good terms. I hope he has more fun and success streaming full time.

  4. Although we know that Cinemassacre is professional behind the scenes, we appreciated the illusion of a bunch of friends playing video games.

  5. Kinda sad, especially with J&MM. Just 2 friends playing some games. Gonna miss this. This and James ranting about iTunes 😀

    1. James and Mike Mondays was my favourite thing on Cinemassacre, even before AVGN. I hope you‘ll reconsider your choice.

  6. You must do what you feel is best. You and James do a great tandem, please consider some future appearances. Thanks for all the fun!

  7. Hoped for new formats in 2021 to see you and James having fun like great friends.”[W]on’t be appearing in ANY future videos” made us cry

  8. Good luck with your live streaming career. Always will miss James and Mike Mondays, they got me through some tough times in college.

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