NES Box Covers redrawn in old Comics Style by Mike Matei

People ask me sometimes on stream if I still draw. Not as much as I used to but I do. Lately I have been into redrawing retro video game box covers in a vintage comics style.

Redrawing things was how I learned to draw. As a kid I would try and redraw comic panels and to this day I still enjoy doing it. Perhaps in the future I’ll do some redraws of comic panels. I am a fan of many old comics. Hal Foster’s Prince Valiant, Alex Raymon’s Flash Gordon, Chester Gould’s Dick Tracy, Floyd Gottfredson’s Mickey Mouse and many others. But of course I also love old video game box art. At some point later maybe I’ll redraw some Atari 2600 box covers. Those were always great because the covers were often these beautiful paintings, which was funny because then you’d play the game and it was just a few very basic pixels. Anyhow, here’s a few of my recent NES box cover attempts. Enjoy.

Here was the process while making it:

Here’s the finished drawing

Next up I decided to redraw the front box cover of Hydlide on NES. This was a game everyone always said was one of the absolute worst games on the system. Many years back I was tasked with beating this game for the AVGN web series. By the time the game ended I didn’t think it was quite as bad as something like X-Men or Bill & Ted. But it was certainly somewhere near the bottom of the barrel. That said, I think the front cover of the game is pretty nice so I decide to do my own comic style redraw.

Lastly, here’s my attempt at drawing the box cover to Gyruss for NES. I never realized until recently how much I enjoy this game. Although playing it at length kills my hands. The original box art is quite amazing. Here’s my version

Next up I have a comic style redraw to the box cover of Wall Street Kid for NES. This game is usually laughed at because , well what kid wanted a video game about Wall Street as a subject? It’s really an odd subject to make a video game about and it’s pretty hilarious it was ever actually made and sold in stores.