Why I Am Not a Speedrunner

Many people pressure me to become a speedrunner. I do not think I should be a speedrunner.

I have tried speedrunning and did not like it

As a kid, my friends and I would sometimes try to time ourselves beating Batman or whatever, and it didn’t appeal to me.

I would not be any good at speedrunning

I do not have the talents or attitude to find any success in speedrunning.

Speedrunning does not look fun in the slightest

I do not get any satisfaction from trying to beat a game quickly.

Speedrunning would not benefit me in any way

I cannot see any way my life would improve if I started speedrunning.

If I set a speedrunning record, it would get broken very quickly

The stress of having to constantly defend my speedrunning records seems like torture.

The speedrunning scene does not need me in it

Nobody is missing out if I don’t become a speedrunner.

You don’t need me to be a speedrunner

Go find a speedrunner to watch if that type of content interests you.


Speedrunning does not appear to be a good fit for me.

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